THERE was drama in Bulawayo central business district last week when police engaged in a high speed chase with robbers, who had broken into a car and stolen a purse.

Several motorists joined in the chase until the cornered robbers were forced to abandon their unregistered Honda Fit and fled in another vehicle, but police apprehended some of the accomplices.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed receiving a report of the incident.

“A lady had parked a vehicle. On return, she saw a person standing next to her car and was holding purse which she identified as hers.

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“She screamed, drawing the attention of the public. The person got into a red Honda Fit which had no number plates,” Ncube said.

He said the car had been used in similar cases of robbery, which the police were investigating.

The incident occurred after Thobekile Sithole parked her Toyota Hillux twin-cab along 12th Avenue and corner Robert Mugabe Way and entered a shop.

“While I was in the shop, one of the criminals broke into my car and when I came out of the shop after 10 minutes, I saw the car door open and he was still inside searching,” Sithole

“I had left my car locked using central locking system, which they managed to bypass. When I saw him, I shouted and the man came out of the car carrying my purse, which contained my
driver’s licence, bank cards, US$20 and ZWL$15.”

She said when she screamed for help, the man ran into a red Honda fit that was parked nearby and sped off.

Southern Eye was close to the scene and witnessed the incident.

Sithole’s screams attracted people nearby and three cars, a BMW, a white Honda Fit and grey VW Golf GTI pursued the criminals in Hollywood movie style.

The thieves sped out of town and into Makokoba high-density, where they were forced to abandon their getaway car after its left rear tyre burst.
They dumped the car in Makokoba and jumped into another car without number plates and sped off.

The getaway Honda Fit was later found at a house in Mzilikazi high-density suburb and was positively identified by Sithole as the one used by the suspects.

A search conducted of the car resulted in the recovery of tools suspected to be used in criminal activities and illegal drugs.

A woman at the house, who identified herself as Sichelelesile Ndlovu, said the Honda Fit belonged to one Darlington “Toni” Nyaruviri, of no known address as he sometimes resides in
Cowdray Park or Makokoba.

As the police interviewed Ndlovu in the presence of Southern Eye, a motorist, Lovemore Munetsi Masimba, arrived driving a white Honda Fit without number plates and claimed to be looking
for Sichelesile.

He told the police that he knew Toni, but was not sure where he was.

The police officers then arrested Masimba, who is currently in custody and helping them with investigations. The other suspects are still at large.