THE Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers (ZIE) says government should prioritise investing in infrastructure because the sector has suffered long periods of neglect, delayed maintenance and lack of funding.


The engineers’ body revealed that the country has at least 250 structurally deficient bridges.

“It is more important than ever to rebuild the country’s infrastructure and end the paralysis that seems to grip the entourage of politicians who can put forth the bills and find the funding to make a difference,” the ZIE said
“Engineering Council of Zimbabwe, ZIE and Zimbabwe Association of Consulting Engineers proposed that the elected Zimbabwean government leaders should invest heavily in infrastructure and work with top engineers to develop innovative solutions to better prepare the infrastructure for the future which are paramount to Zimbabwe’s economic growth.

“Engineers also recommend changes to construction and engineering laws, new materials and construction methods. Advances in modern technologies including ICT, robotics, science and materials development have resulted in a large number of cost-effective and more durable materials, along with improved methods for infrastructure development and construction times.”

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ZIE added that outdated laws, political hurdles, local government policies and funding for the vast number of projects remain serious challenges.

“National policies must be enacted in order to improve construction and maintenance as well as encourage energy efficiency. Policies must also address population growth and rising energy use and costs.”

This year Treasury set aside a total of US$2,6 billion to be invested in infrastructure during 2019, of which US$1,1 billion would be mobilised through the budget and US$1,5 billion as off budget financing.