5-yr-old survives fall from 12th floor

The Chronicle

A lucky 5-year-old cheated death after he fell 12 floors from his family’s flat.

The youngster, who’s from Ho Chi Minh City in southeastern Vietnam, was reportedly left by his mom to play with his toys when he climbed onto the washing machine which is kept near their balcony.

His mother, who said she was distracted at the time with housework, believes he toppled over the edge and plummeted to the ground.

Fortunately, the unnamed boy’s estimated 36m fall was cushioned by a bush before he dropped onto soft soil.

He was immediately rushed to Ho Chi Minh City’s children’s hospital.

The little boy suffered severe injuries ranging from a broken neck and broken right arm and both legs, to internal bleeding as well as damage to his liver and lungs.

Doctors say that against all odds he’s now out of danger.

He’s since been taken off a ventilator and is expected to make a full recovery.—News24.

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