The Chronicle

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent

AXE-WIELDING musician Madlela Skhobokhobo (real name Bashimane Mothusi Ndlovu) who is still finding it hard to surpass his 2017 hit Ngamnanka uSaMamo, is billed to launch his third album in Gwanda next month.

The album, a follow up of Amajazana which was released last year, will be launched at Phoenix Night Club on April 4 before he takes it on a nationwide tour. In Gwanda, Madlela will be supported by Bajilla, Zhezhingtons, Sbhevara, Indlamuva and DJ Sweeto.

The Nkayi-born and Gwanda-bred artiste, refusing to shed light on the forthcoming album’s title, hinted that it will either be named after one of the album’s singles AmaYellow or Ntikoloshi. Other tracks are Karikiriki, Bhinyaroad, Salibonani, Njelele, Tambai,Impi, Ezweni lomoyo, Bhungani, Station and Iphupho. 

Madlela said he chose to launch the diverse album which has rhumba, tshibilika, house and gospel tunes, in Gwanda because of his roots there.

“Gwanda is where my roots are. Also, I’ve discovered that people there support me unconditionally hence the decision to take it there first,” said Madlela.

The track Station, Madlela said is close to his heart as it is dedicated to his mother MaSijiye who waited for so long to see him achieve his arts dream.

“I once relocated to South Africa, but now I’m based in Bulawayo so the song encourages my mother to be patient as what I’m doing (arts career) is about to pay off so she should wait for me at the bus station.

“As musicians, our job is to de-stress the public hence why most of these tracks are produced to make them laugh, while also addressing serious issues affecting the community.”

As part of efforts of trying to find a hit that would surpass Ngamnanka uSaMamo, a track off his first album, Madlela last year roped in the services of rhumba legend Themba “Boyoyo” Mathe and dropped a single titled Celebration. Although it won the hearts of many, especially where the Tshibilika/rhumba genre is appreciated in places like Gwanda, Nkayi, Tsholotsho, Bulilima, Mangwe and Plumtree, it still did not surpass Ngamnanka. – @mthabisi_mthire