The Chronicle

Wayne Chiridza, Showbiz Reporter

AFRO-fusion band Flying Bantu from Victoria Falls will be joining the tribal house trio Djembe Monks at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo for a craft beer event today. 

Flying Bantu is a five-piece musical act from right underneath the magical spray of the Victoria Falls.

Their versatile sound embodies various flavours and boldly expresses an Afro: Rock, Reggae, Funk, Jazz mix which can best be described as Afro Fusion. 

During the two groups’ show revellers will be served with craft beer on tap. The two groups have their own brews namely the Flying Bantu Ale and Djembe Monks Brew produced by the River Brewing Company based in Victoria Falls. Craft brews are generally characterised by their emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique.

Like some beer festivals, drinks from different craft breweries are being paired with the sound and style of bands playing live, this is what is happening with the Flying Bantu Ale and the Djembe Monks Brew. While the bands play, brewers pour the beers they believe are best suited to the tunes in this case are Afro Fusion and Tribal House. 

Tinashe Maoneni the lead singer of Flying Bantu said: “We are excited to be coming to Bulawayo. We all grew up in Bulawayo and coming there means a lot to perform for the people of the city.”

It will be a double band performance, craft beer bill featuring the two bands and an experimental occasion as the bands fuse together in their respective genres.

“It will be an experimental event performing with Djembe Monks but we believe our music complement each other and we promise a fun filled experience for the people of Bulawayo as they enjoy the music while drinking craft beer,” said Maoneni. — @waynecas.