The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent 

MUSICIANS said while they applaud the return of the Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima) after a three-year absence, the organisers should improve on their cash prizes.

Zima will be held next year and nominations can be submitted between November 11 and December 31 this year. The awards show that was last held in 2016 will be held on January 25 and is dubbed “Zima2020”.

The artistes said they want to be paid meaningful cash prizes that can change their lives and not the pittance they were paid in the past. They said some of them are yet to be presented their awards for 2016.

Songbird Nomathamsanqa Nkwali Mkhwananzi who won an award for best acapella album in 2016, said she is yet to be presented with the award.

She said the 2016 event was a nightmare for her because of the bungling by organisers who did not only fail to present her with the ward but had not organised accommodation for her.

“While such awards to recognise artists are welcome, it is important for organisers to be professional in their conduct. I had a bad experience with the last Zima because DJ Skaiva and me won awards but we are yet to receive the awards,” said Nkwali.

Novuyo Seagirl said artistes want meaningful cash prizes and not the little which was given in the past.

“We want these awards to be life changing for artists. When I’m talking money, I mean really good money that can help you change your career just like in other countries. You hear that so and so received an award plus US$200 000,” she said.

 Seargirl said it was not good enough for winners to walk away with shields to display in their houses.

“When producing these albums, singles, music videos, we really work hard and we therefore deserve to be rewarded,” she said.

Imbube group Black Umfolosi founding member Tomeki Dube urged organisers to expand the competition categories.

“We are happy that the awards are back and we urge the organisers to expand competition categories. They could include categories such as life time achievement Award to honour artistes who have been in the industry for a long time and contributed to its growth,” said Dube.

Afro Jazz musician Jeys Marabini also said it was important for organisers to give attractive cash prizes.

“These awards should be attractive to artistes. The money that go with these awards should be a substantial so that the artiste can buy or do something tangible,” said Jeys.

Female dancer cum musician Sandra Ndebele said the Zimas were long overdue.

“I’m glad that the awards are back and I hope this time they are bigger and better than in the past,” said Ndebele.