The Chronicle

Mthabisi Tshuma

IT seems the Private Lounge atmosphere still lives at its former base, now Zansibar in Bulawayo, as a commercial sex worker stole the limelight at Zimdancehall artiste Blot’s show held there on Friday night.

The show, which was a welcome summer gig, was highly attended with revellers making their way into the venue just after 11PM.

Filled with a Zimdancehall atmosphere, the gig mostly had male revellers and a wise commercial sex worker utilised the opportunity to market herself. Upon being given an opportunity, she took to the stage and gave revellers a free sexy dance showcase. 

After the cameo act, some men started approaching her seeking her services. In no time, a fierce fight broke out and empty beer bottles started flying high up from the entrance direction of the nightclub.

This disturbed proceedings as Blot and Jah Practice’s performances were delayed as they were holed up in the VIP section.

However, DJ Tawaz, Killer, DJ Galaz Zim and Zet Heart came to the rescue and eased up the impatient revellers who had paid to see Blot perform. Eventually, the talented duo got to the stage just after 1AM with Blot performing his music breakthrough Chillspot Records produced songs Amai and new single Havasati Vandiona. – @mthabisi_mthire