If you’re on the hunt for a good deal on a car, it’s never a bad idea to consider shopping from other countries. While it may seem stressful at first, there are plenty of car dealers in Ghana and other areas of the world where you can find great deals on different makes and models. While not for everyone, there are certainly some major advantages to shopping outside your country when you’re looking for a good deal on a used vehicle. Here are three of the top reasons to shop for cars from Ghana rather than the city you live in.


If you’ve ever been dismayed by the limited number of used vehicles in your vicinity, you’re not alone. Even worse are the situations where someone seems to be selling a car at a reasonable price, only to be discovered to be a fraud when you perform a background check using their address on a website like www.golookup.com and find out that they have a criminal record. Shopping outside of your geographic location from countries like Ghana is a great way to avoid this heartbreak and frustration.

When you’ve got a global market to choose from, it’s much easier to find the vehicle you want, whether it’s a specific make and model of the Toyota Corolla with a particular feature or you’re on the hunt for the collectible convertible you always dreamed of owning as a teenager. The internet will offer you much more variety than any in-person dealership, so save yourself the time and heartache and start by looking at what’s in stock in other countries.


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For anyone wanting to save money on a vehicle, it may make more sense to pay import and export taxes on a vehicle from outside your current country than to make a purchase in the city you live in. This is because once you start shopping outside your geographic location, you have the ability to find much better deals.

Websites such as Auto Auction Mall offer great deals on a wide range of cars and even let you bid on vehicles to save more money. That being said, if you have to have the car immediately, most auto auction websites also feature a buy it now price so that you can secure the car of your dreams without having to worry about being outbid. Regardless of which path you choose to pursue, you can find what you need online and save money doing so.


Although it may seem more complicated on its face, shipping a car to your current location overseas is actually a relatively straightforward process. It all starts with finding the car you want online, and websites like Auto Auction Mall make that an incredibly simple task. In addition to offering you the ability to compare cars at different price points, Auto Auction Mall also helps you with the import and export process, so that you can get your car from Ghana to your current location safely and securely.

Shopping online is a much easier way to look for a vehicle than visiting a dealership in person and having to compete with a trained salesman. On websites like Auto Auction Mall, you’re able to see what cars are available from a specific country and see what the overall cost of the car is if you’re interested in buying it immediately, as well as what a monthly payment towards a loan would be. You’ll also get important information about its mileage and title status.

Of course, on an automotive auction website, you’ll also be able to bid on the car in the hopes of getting an even better deal. All of this makes shopping for used cars from Ghana a compelling option for many budget-conscious shoppers.