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It is the Government of Zimbabwe’s intention to purchase goods, services and works from bidders that are properly registered and complying with all statutory requirements governing the operations of business in the country. Accordingly, the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe shall register prospective bidders that meet the requirements in line with the Procurement Regulations and in Categories specified by the Authority.  

Mandatory Requirement.

Public entities shall enter into contracts with only registered bidders or contractors in terms of Section 4 (2) of the Procurement Regulations. The Authority shall ensure that public procurement is effected in a manner that is transparent, fair, honest, cost-effective, competitive and in compliance with PPDPA Act and to develop and implement a transparent and equitable framework for the registration of bidders or contractors. Persons who by virtue of section 4 of the regulations are included in the list are deemed to be “registered bidders and contractors” for the purposes of sections 6 (“Functions of Authority”) (1) (i) and 28 (“Participation by bidders”) of the Act.  It is therefore against this background that Management and Procurement Staff in Procuring Entities must understand that in terms of the PPDPA Act, it is the sole mandate of the Authority to register all providers of products and services in the public sector.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Authority

In terms of Section 4 (2) of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets (General) Regulations, 2018, The Authority shall compile an annual list of registered bidders and contractors (companies, partnerships/syndicates, consulting firms and individual consultants) that shall be eligible to bid and be awarded contracts with procuring entities. Furthermore, in terms of Section 4 (5), The Authority may invite prospective bidders and contractors to be registered in specialised categories for supply of goods, services and works, which additional requirements for the categories shall be specified in the invitation.

Before framing a list, the Authority shall publish a notice in the Gazette, national newspapers and its website inviting prospective bidders and contractors to submit applications for inclusion on the list of registered bidders and contractors.

An application for inclusion on the list of registered bidders and contractors must be accompanied by the appropriate registration fee prescribed in the Fifth Schedule and contain the following particulars, as may be applicable.

Database of Registered Bidders

Prospective bidders are expected to complete a registration rorm (new application) and attach required company/individual documents. Completed forms, in sealed envelopes, shall be endorsed with the relevant details to facilitate speedy sorting and processing of the applications.

Bidders shall submit separate applications for each category for which registration is sought. Bidders should further note that proof of payment of application fee for one category shall not be valid for any other category except with respect to the one it relates to. In this regard, the narration on the original receipt shall tally with that of the category for which the application is made. Falsification of such documents, may lead to automatic disqualification of the applicant. 

Once approved, a company shall remain on the  list of registered bidders for the approved category for a period up to December 31 of each calendar year, subject to renewal annually.

Schedule of Requirements

The requirements for registration of a company includes the memorandum and articles of association or other constitutive document of the company, together with its certificate of incorporation, list of directors, head office and local physical address and particulars showing the relative extent of Zimbabwean and foreign shareholding of the company.

In the case of a partnership, syndicate or other business entity, the partnership agreement or other constitutive document of the partnership, syndicate or entity, together with the list of partners or controlling members or managers, head office and local physical address and particulars showing the relative extent of Zimbabwean and foreign control of the partnership, syndicate or entity. In the case of an individual, detailed curriculum vitae, and proof of qualifications.

General Conditions 

λ Prospective bidders may apply for more than one (1) category, provided they demonstrate capacity to supply. 

λ The category applied for shall match the notation on the receipt of non-refundable application fee, which must be attached to each application. 

λ Prospective bidders shall submit separate envelopes for each category applied for. 

λ Prospective bidders who do not find their specific category in the PRAZ provided list of categories shall be registered under the General/Specialised Category.

 Eligibility and Qualification Criteria

Bidders are required to meet the criteria in section 28 of the PPDPA Act to be eligible to participate in public procurement and to be qualified for the proposed contract. They must therefore provide any available documentation and certify their eligibility. 

A mandatory requirement for eligibility is that, bidders must have been registered with the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe as a supplier and have paid the applicable supplier registration fee set out in Part III of the Fifth Schedule of the Regulations. 

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