Staff Reporter – The Zimbabwe Daily

Cape Town, South Africa – Following the suspension of the sale and distribution of alcohol as well as a nighttime curfew by the government, the Restaurant Association of South Africa (RASA) has taken to the streets in protest.

Government has allowed restaurants to operate under strict COVID-19 regulations but RASA is saying the regulations are hurting their economic viability.

“We are protesting at our premises and hopefully the government will adhere to our concerns,” said Wendy Alberts, RASA’s CEO.

Lucky Ntimane, Convenor of the National Liquor Traders Council of South Africa also said they are joining in the protests.

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“We are in support of the protests, we want the resumption of the sale of alcohol and cigarettes. We haven’t had any formal conversation with the government on the way forward,” said Ntimane.

With over 380 000 COVID-19 cases government has had to choose between the health of the nation or its economic wellbeing.

Although many medical professionals are in support of the suspension of the sale of alcohol and cigarettes, many economists have castigated the move citing loss of revenue, businesses and jobs.