Staff Reporter – The Zimbabwe

Johannesburg, South Africa – The impacts of COVID-19 are seemingly causing mayhems in South Africa’s media fraternity.

Top media entities such as Caxton, Media24, and SABC have either retrenched their staff or made salary cuts.

Hundreds of journalists have been left without an income which has prompted the South Africa National Editors Forum (SANEF) to issue out R5 000 grants to those in need.

However, with the rate the retrenchments are being issued many are likely not to receive the grant unless more funds are unveiled to towards the initiative.

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Yesterday, Primedia became the latest entity to issue out a Section 189 (retrenchment notices) to its employees.

The media entity is home to radio stations such as 702, KFM, 947 and CapeTalk amongst other forms of media.

Although Primedia is yet to confirm the number of those affected, the Section 189 announcement has already been made.

“This decision follows an extensive strategic review process which scrutinised every facet of the business. Various factors, including new entrants in the media sector, have placed significant pressure on media businesses to adapt and evolve, in order to stay relevant.

Moreso, this has been further compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic, and South Africa’s national lockdown on our key clients and industries.

Important consideration has been applied to a number of initiatives to reduce the impact of job losses across the group. However, it has become abundantly clear that Primedia cannot successfully pursue the necessary strategic imperatives and ensure sustainability in the long term in its current modality,” said Primedia’s Interim CEO, Phumzile Langeni.